people on my facebook keep doing the als ice bucket challenge….. and donating to the cancer council…. like do u even know what als is or

4 days ago| NOTES

I think I’m getting a macbook pro for school next year aw yeaaaaa

5 days ago| NOTES

the eleven scene hurt less bc I knew it was coming
but dang did it still hurt

1 week ago| NOTES

I feel sick so I ate pizza, so now I’m going to feel more sick but at least I’ll be happy

1 week ago| 1 NOTES

remember in the fiftieth when i frickin cried because i thought chris had come back for the regeneration. ha ha. 

1 week ago| NOTES

my hair is so long it’s touching the ground from my chair

1 week ago| NOTES

half a bowl of mac and cheese is the most substantial thing I’ve eaten in days and I couldn’t even finish it and now I feel so sick what is wrong with me omfg

1 week ago| NOTES

i was making cupcakes last night and i went to crack an egg and it was hard boiled

1 week ago| NOTES
♡ JB