• me: my leg is so itchy
  • jess: what
  • me: my leg is so itchy
  • jess: I thought you said you were going to sweep your chimney
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oh my god tonight from 12:30am-5:30am old disney shows are playing (kim possible, that’s so raven etc.) like WHY WOULD THEY BE PLAYING AT NIGHT ONLY DAMN IT

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when your favorite band has shitty merch


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My photo from meeting Benedict! He was so so lovely considering that everyone at the event had the opportunity to buy photo tokens (there we like almost 1,000 people I think). It was really rushed but it was so nice! I’m just genuinely in shock that this actually happened tbh hahahaha

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I’m not sure if people just keep ignoring my messages or if they aren’t sending
if they are I’m getting ignored by a lot of people

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Casually bringing the 2011 food lyrics back


just in case you missed the best thing that has ever happened in this fandom, here is a masterpost


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I just had to phone my mum from the bathroom because I didn’t have a towel

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April 6: Niall is seen here having a kick about on the pitch with West Ham United’s Kevin Nolan and Mark Noble after watching the match between West Ham United and Liverpool in The Premier League. [HQs]

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